New year new focus

No Way Out

No Way Out

2012 was a very positive year for me. I moved from working in my back bedroom to a dedicated studio space at Kelham Island Arts Collective, met some crazy beautiful creative people, 3 of which I ended up having a group show with, produced 17 new works and continued the development of my own, very distinctive, voice. Along the way I made some good friends, achieved some sales, gathered some tentative gallery interest, and most importantly gained more exposure than my work has ever had before. Learning to promote my work, and therefore myself, has been a long hard process. Any creative act is so inherently personal that to show it means to expose the creator and their vision of the world. To paint is to communicate, but a painting is synchronic, and not the ideal vehicle for a complex message. Many galleries and museums offer yards of text to assist the viewer in deconstructing the work on display, but I have always been doubtful of this approach, believing strongly that art should speak for itself. Fortunately, the feedback I have received suggests that the Industrial series has been understood and liked by the people I aimed it at. This has given me the strength to bring together some ideas for a new series, which will form the focus of my first solo show later in the year.

No way out is the first of these works, which will deal with the people who fall through the cracks in the pavement, the people we don’t see as we go about our lives, or who have been forgotten by a history that celebrates what has been done, and ignores the human cost of the doing. I hope you enjoy it.


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