Small horizons

Small horizons

Small horizons

It’s been a good week, managed to get to the studio on Tuesday and Thursday, and my daughter popping over on Wednesday was definitely a boost 🙂  The effect of the chemo treatment I’m undergoing means that visits to the studio are all too brief and infrequent, which is a shame, as I’m really excited by the pieces I’m working on at the moment, and there’s only so much sketching I can do before I need to try things out on canvas. I did manage to get to the studio again today (Thursday) and make significant progress on the next piece I’m doing. Hopefully I can be back on Monday before going into hospital for the next 120 hours connected to a drip.Consequently, whilst It’s interesting doing this blog as an exploration of the progress of my work over the last two years, I am very glad to have something new to show you.

Small horizons is inspired by a piece I never finished, and by a song. The song is ‘A solitary life’ by Richard Thompson’, the painting was called ‘Restricted view’. In their own way, both song and painting speak of the narrowness of Urban/Surburban living, but for me Small horizons also speaks of the blindness brought on by a world where our understanding of what is happening is controlled and shaped by the media we consume. Soundbites seem to have replaced debate and exploration, and the complex issues we are facing are delivered, prepackaged, to our door. This is nothing new of course, and it is arguable that we have more opportunity or at least facility to find out for ourselves in the technological age than we ever have had. Sadly, facility does not always translate into actuality, and particularly not when our energies are spent just trying to keep our heads above water, as is the reality for so many people.  Interestingly, Loz (my daughter) looked at Small Horizons and recognised the compositional elements that I used on a painting 26 years ago in it, I also see the references to the linear abstractions I was doing in the early nineties. -there’s progress for you 🙂





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