It’s been a busy fortnight since my last Chemo session ended, and a positive one, in the main. I spent the first week down in Dorset, enjoying the company of my brother-in-law (who also has cancer, sadly), several friends, and his and our children. It was good to recuperate from the heavy chemo regime I’ve been on, and good to party, but I was able to get some sketching done, as we covered a fair area of the County whilst we were there. There’s some impressive places in Dorset, and the photo (below) shows the view from the iron age hillfort of Maiden Castle; I love the contrast between the regimented shapes of the hay and the wild knoll in the middle of the image. It underlines my belief that raw nature (as opposed to a manipulated landscape) is a rare occurrence these days, and the beauty of the random scattering of bales in almost precision  inspires me. Also inspiring was the honesty farm shop. This relies on customers working out what they’ve spent themselves, and placing the money for it in cashboxes. I presume it must work well enough, maybe people really are more honest if you behave like they are?

Maiden Castle

I was also able to use the time to write a proposal to exhibit a large scale new work in a political art exhibition in Sheffield in September. The work is the thus far unfinished triptych inspired by the concepts of liberty, equality and fraternity that sometimes are suggested to underpin the tricoloure. Two of the paintings (Blue – liberty; Red; Fraternity) are complete, and the third I reached the halfway point on this afternoon. I am looking forward to seeing the completed work myself, as I have been visualising it for two years, and finally have a strong enough image for ‘equality’. I look forward to showing you it.

I am also very very pleased to be able to announce that some of my work is now available through an online art gallery. The gallery, Seat214, launched today, and I have 6 paintings listed there. The gallery has an unusual and very positive approach, as it believes in fostering and encouraging a relationship between buyers and artists. The owner is very committed to this, setting up a fund to enable artists to finance shows and projects, promoting site artists by supporting, sharing and even putting on exhibitions. A refreshing approach, and i’m glad to be a part of it 🙂 I urge you all to take a look.


The following pieces are now only available through Seat214.com :

Icons; Out of the Smoke; Keep calm and keep shopping; We are not in the least afraid of ruins; Watching the forge fires fade; The price of coal.


Cheers all and keep smiling.





4 thoughts on “Now available online

  1. Thankyou Petrujviljoen – it always attracts lots of interest at exhibitions, The trouble is that it’s 1.2 x 1.05M, which is a little large for the average house over here – Just finished a smaller version (well, inspired by) which might be more accessible 🙂 ,

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