Pressure point

Pressure point

Pressure point

Pressure point is inspired by ‘Icons’, one of my industrial series that references our worship of consumption. It’s always been a popular piece at exhibitions, and I was interested in whether a smaller piece (this one is 80 x 60cm, Icons is 120 x 105) could convey the same sense of vastness. I have greatly enjoyed painting this, working from the same preliminary piece as I did with Icons, but using the opportunity to incorporate a Futurist approach with my looser style of knife-work.

Icons is concerned with consumption, in which cause we justify so many of our actions. In Pressure point  however, I am reflecting upon the extent to which this behaviour means the cracks are starting to show . As the world drifts, uncomfortably, into the 21st century, still facing the problems we created for ourselves in the 20th, I sit, watching the pressure build and wondering which of the flying stones will be the one to break the glass. In some ways, I feel we have not moved far from 1914. At the height of empire, the pressure building in Europe was immense and it only took a single incident to precipitate a four year conflict over control of overseas markets which also laid the foundations for most of what is problematic today. Now, we fight over control of global resources, and the consequences of political boundaries drawn by Britain and Europe in the age of empire. The stakes may be bigger, but the backdrop and the plot are still the same.

Completing Pressure point leaves me free to concentrate on the third member of the triptych (the whole piece will be called …ou la Morte). Sadly, the piece is too large for the gallery holding the political art exhibition I mentioned in my last blog. This will not stop me finishing the piece in August, however it won’t be by the end of this week 🙂 I’m looking forward to showing it as a complete and cohesive piece, so hopefully it will be the subject of my next blog 🙂





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