September update.

We are all guilty

We are all guilty

It’s not been the most productive of months, partly because of the need to recover from the Chemotherapy, and partly because I spent a week in Dorset and 8 days in the Highlands. The latter was inspirational, we toured Islay and Skye before ending up in Durness, where I discovered that midges don’t like chemo, and Scotland’s micro-climates mean that the sun can shine while rain lashes the rest of the country. I got some good photos to work from, we dropped in on an eco-house that we are very interested in building a version of, were able to meet one of the two artists who commissioned it and were made to feel most welcome, and a visit to a museum of island life set in some of the remaining ‘black houses’ provided lots of food for thought. I’ve not been totally idle artwise though, and am glad to be able to share the following.

Firstly, I’m proud to be able to announce that ‘We are all guilty’ that  has been accepted for the ‘Our Corner – art as political expression’ exhibition at Bank Street Arts in Sheffield September 18th-20th. Full details of the exhibition can be found here Ignite Sheffield . This is the exhibition I hoped to launch the triptych at, but though that was too big, they were still keen for me to resubmit, so cheers for that Ignite, looking forward to the event.

Secondly, along with other KIAC members, I will be showing examples of my work at Sheffield’s ‘Art in the Gardens‘ annual event. Space is limited, so I will be showing smaller works, and will be interested to see how well the work manages to engage a different audience. My most recent pieces, Pressure Point and Small Horizons (see the posts below) will rub shoulders with ‘Out of the smoke’ and ‘We are the Walrus’, and I may try to squeeze ‘The imposition of conformity‘ in as well 🙂

Health wise, I’ve started Radiotherapy, and will be fitted with a PEG tube in two days, as it’s likely the treatment will mean that I am unable to swallow. The radio is not to bad, though the mask is uncomfortable but then it is supposed to restrain. I get to keep the mask, so may be able to create some interesting selfies 🙂 as well as use it as the basis for a sculptural piece. After my first radio session I got a discussion about the potential side effects, these sound scary, and underline the endurance test that the treatment regime I’m on will be. C’est la vie, it’s in a good cause. Alongside the radio is three nights of chemo, and I had the first of these on Monday. This and the steroids that accompany it have left my stomach extremely delicate, and my sleep disrupted, hopefully this will wear of soon. Painting wise, of course the treatment gets in the way. Progress on ‘You won’t get me’ (the third of the triptych pieces) is slow, frustratingly so as I have several other paintings I’d like to do – though there’s nothing unusual about that 🙂 I found out a long time ago that rushing a piece is the wrong way to go, and You won’t get me is at that delicate stage where it could as easily be over as underdone. Hence I will imagine, and sketch, the new work, and hope to find some time and energy to get the current piece finished next week.


2 thoughts on “September update.

  1. I encourage you to be thoroughly self-indulgent during this time of your fighting cancer. Your body is now lashed by the cancer as well as by the chemo. It’s an inconceivable stress on your mortal being, so is not the time to do anything except short-term, ‘easy’ work. I decided to reach out to my best friends and had them come to the hospital where I was (once I’d begun my chemo). Now that I’m in remission (around 2 years now), I
    can slowly perceive how I’ve changed since my episode ‘in hospital’.

    • Cheers Frank, and sorry to take so long getting back to you. This week has been a chemo-comedown week 😦 I am taking a realistic approach to dealing with this, though it is fair to say that my own natural impatience means I have always given myself a hard time about the prioritisation of my activities. Creativity at the moment is hard to drag up anyway – I have ideas but am failing to effectively translate them, but then this is all part of the development process for my work. As you will appreciate, this takes time, which of course is the one thing I have, freed from my (self-promoting, the gallery scene is pretty dead up here) exhibition schedules. Anyway, thanks for your words, and I hope your exhibition is going well, strong work, I love it 🙂

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