Clearing the way
Clearing the way

Well, it’s been a long winter, and it’s only halfway through. Most of it has been spent recovering from the cancer treatment, and I’m glad to say that I’m well on the way, though still very low in energy, and currently fairly floored by a cold of all things (generally shrug these off, but c’est la vie). After the enforced hiatus of the last 9 months, I am slowly picking up momentum. For this year I have new paintings in mind, or already in sketch form. I am trying to put a London show together, and will certainly have other exhibitions up here in Sheffield. I also have the possibility of a collaboration with a German artist, which is very exciting. However, all this is to come, and whilst it’s a couple of months since I last posted, things haven’t been entirely static.

Art wise it’s been a quiet but positive couple of months. I’ve picked up a commission which I’m excited about because the initial sketches have already encouraged some new ideas, and I’ve sold six prints so far. I have also sold ‘Clearing the way’ which has gone off to be a surprise birthday present 🙂 The painting was the second piece in an exploration into Constructivist imagery using paint (the first was Structural elements 1, which can be seen on the gallery page). Both are inspired by the story of Sheffield and its shift from its industrial past. Whilst it’s always a bit of a wrench to say goodbye to a painting, all of these sales have been very welcome, and not simply because of the money.

Of course, I need sales in order to be able to continue as a full time artist, but they mean so much more. Naturally, I enjoy and get a frisson of warmth from the likes an image gets through social media, the number of hits individual images get in online galleries, and the comments I get at exhibitions. Somebody buying a work is saying something more. They are not saying they believe in me as a viable investment – I don’t exist at that level. What they are saying, to me, is that the piece has captured, entranced, intrigued or stimulated them enough to want to have it in their life. A sale means that the world I have depicted is one that the buyer wants to be able to go into, to explore, visit or regard again and again. I know this because this is what I am told, and also because they want to know the story behind, or the intent of, the painting.

For me, painting is a form of communication. It is my way of saying that which I sometimes struggle to express using hundreds or even thousands of words. Of course, each person who buys one of my paintings or prints will also have their own interpretation, just as valid as my intent. That the work has inspired this is equally gratifying. To me, the sales I make affirm the reasons why I paint, they tell me that I am being heard, and understood. For this I thank them, deeply 🙂

If you are interested in buying one of my paintings, you can find details of the size and price by clicking on the thumbnail images on the gallery page. For prints visit the dedicated page for details. I can ship worldwide, and p&p is extra. Simply contact me using the contact form, for a quote. Thankyou for reading, and I hope your 2015 has also started, and will continue, positively 🙂




2 thoughts on “And a new year begins….

    1. Cheers Don, got another expression of interest yesterday, which may follow through to a studio visit. I really enjoy hosting visits to my studio, gives me an opportunity to talk about my practice, which I love 🙂 A sale would be the icing on the cake of course but I have big hopes for the coming year anyway, especially with the new work I’m playing around with at the moment. Onwards and upwards 🙂

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