A walk in the woods with Mr Dearden

A walk in the woods with Mr Dearden

Just a day to go until the opening of my joint exhibition with Paul Dearden and I’m getting excited. The show is themed around the landscapes that inspire and surround us, and will largely feature new works by both of us. Whilst Paul favours the natural landscape, my work of course tends to focus on the remmants of industrialisation, but architecture and nature are seldom seperated by much. I have 16 paintings in the exhibition, and 8 of these have been completed this year. Having finished the hanging today, I’m pleased to say that whilst quite different, our work goes well together, and so we have intermingled them, rather than dividing the gallery between us. Should you wish to see the result, it’s at gage gallery, 40 Ball Street, Sheffield S3 8DB. The show opens July 3rd at 6.30pm, and runs every day 11am – 4pm, until the 17th July. We also have a music/performance event on the evening of the 11th, featuring Piggle, a band that have to be experienced 🙂

Recently Paul and I took a walk through South Anston Stones, a public space between limestone crags and an old mineral railway. Paul grew up round here, and the woods were his playground as a child, I was visiting the site for the first time, and had no idea that such a sublime wilderness existed to the east of Sheffield (I usually roam the Peak District, spoilt for choice up here 🙂 )

The show features a number of works by Paul evoked by the stones. The painting shown above is my response to the site, and was an interesting piece for me. It is a landscape which, while shaped by humans, and hardly bereft of industrial architecture, is contained by impressive limestone crags, and in some respects is little changed since the end of the last ice age. It is these crags, and the sense of containment that they give that I have chosen to focus on. I may well develop imagined built landscapes from the experience, but I hope you enjoy this first response.


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