A couple of years ago a good friend and fellow artist, Paul Dearden, invited me to exhibit in Rotherham In a joint show – Alluvium – of local artists. The exhibition is a good example of the type of cultural event that occurs outside of London, and of the ‘can do’ attitude that I have experienced in the North. The exhibition takes place in a repurposed space, brought back to life by a group determined to ensure a viable creative hub for performance and the visual arts (Rotherham Arts Renaissance). This is far from unusual, and I have seen many shows and events in the towns and cities of the North taking place despite the absence of an established cultural infrastructure? Typically these shows are organised by the artists, who also promote them and often invigilate them as well, and every week I receive invites to many through social media. These are high quality events, and have also left me with the feeling that there is a distinct flavour to the Northern arts which distinguishes it from what I have observed of the London arts scene, and I urge people to seek it out and see for themselves what happens outside of the cultural cachet of the capital.

This year marks the third time I have shown with this group, and for 2015 I have decided to show a group of works which, while still linked to the industrial series, use colour to distance themselves from the natural landscape. The four pieces I have included are shown above, and I feel they sit very well together. The exhibition opens on Friday 6th November 6pm – 8pm and runs for three weeks. It’s at the Old Market Gallery, Market Street, Rotherham S60 1NU, and includes work by 14 artists. Well worth a visit, it’s lively and expressive up North 🙂

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