It seems longer than a fortnight since we came back from Scotland, but that may be because I’ve been so very busy. Over the last two weeks I have started work on another huge painting, negotiated and completed a commission piece, and finished of a medium sized piece about the bombing of Syria, called Widescreen: Democracy in Action, which I’ll add to the gallery when I have time to photograph it. I’ve also posted out two prints, and put a stock of my prints in The Corner Gallery, and created my Christmas cards for the season. Mostly though, I’ve been concentrating on getting things sorted for the final event I shall be taking part in this year, and it’s one that’s got me quite excited 🙂

I’m showing in London 😀 Exhibit Here’s Artmaze exhibition at the Bargehouse, OXO Tower Wharf, near the Tate Modern, is a show featuring over 80 artists in 13 rooms spread across 3 floors of this icon South London riverside building. You can read more about the show here This will be the first time example of my work has been shown in London since I began painting again in 2009, and I’m really interested to see what reaction they get. I am taking the four paintings shown above, and will be in attendance for all 4 days of the show (and of course at the private view) so if any of you are around and fancy seeing my work in the real, it would be great to see you.

Happy festivities, whatever your point of view 🙂



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