A poem and a painting

Elements of place the end of all things

The End Of All Things/Elements of Place

Last year I had a joint show with a friend, Paul Dearden. The exhibition, Elements of Place, featured an evening of music performance and poetry, and the poet involved, Liz Ferrets, recently sent me this piece in response to the exhibition. The poem is typical of Liz’s work – simple, powerful, and beautifully crafted – to me it summed up my work, and the exhibition so well that I thought I’d overlay it on an image of one of my industrial paintings. I’m rather pleased with the result, hope you enjoy, and for those of you viewing on a smaller screen I have included the whole poem below.

Elements of Place

Things change
Change happens
Nothing changes
Everything stays the same

Stone bone iron clay
Change the horizon
Seize the day
The wheel of time
The cycles spin
Here we go
Round again
A lost horizon
A landscape uncovered

A day
A week
A month
There goes a year
What a fantastic decade

Spring summer autumn winter
But everything stays the same

Stone bone iron clay
Lightning storm
Another day
Wheel of fortune
Cycles spin
Here we go
Round again

Stone bone iron clay
Paper scissors rock

I win you lose
You win I lose
They win they win

Stone bone iron clay
Dawn breaks it’s
Another day
Change the vista
Change the view

Run – breathe
Climb – breathe
Swim – breathe
Walk – breathe
Soak up the sky

All eyes are on the monster
coming over the hill
no one sees
The monster that
we left behind
Who haunts us
has left its mark
It taunts us
With the scars
and bars
We learn nothing
and so
Nothing changes

Liz Ferrets.






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