Carved From Stone

Carved From Stone

Some more works from my residency at Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet. These days the site is grass covered, has stone slab paths and safety rails, and only the foundations of the old boiler and its shed remain. In ‘Carved From Stone’ I have tried to depict the site as it looked in its heyday, with a packed earth floor and 120′ high brick chimney.



In responding to the site I’ve tended to the realistic, though I have adopted a looser approach where the atmosphere has demanded it, as in Grinders.

Grinding Swords

Grinding Swords

It’s been really interesting working at the Hamlet, and I’ve learnt a lot about the industrial processes in use during the 19th/early 20th Centuries as well. The site is a working museum, and these days is used to grind and finish sword blades for the UK’s armed forces. Grinding Swords shows Peter demonstrating the process by working on a blade for the Royal Navy, awesome to watch, and an interesting challenge to capture in paint.

I’ll be working at the Hamlet for another 8 days, completing paintings showing ingot pouring, working below the furnaces, Crucible making, and the recently restored gardens of the Managers house. It’s a fascinating place, and if you can I thoroughly recommend a visit. You can find out more about the site here Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet and in my next post I will be giving details of the exhibition.

Thanks for your interest 🙂






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