The Colours of Winter

Much of my energy in January has been spent trying to find a venue in the Loch Ewe area for the Arctic Convoys Exhibition. Sadly it looks like it will not be possible to stage the show near this important assembly point for the convoys, so I will probably fall back on my usual exhibiton space, Gage Gallery  in Sheffield. Other activity has included helping to set up the Midlands & South Yorkshire Art Show at Rotherhams Old Market Gallery, the first public airing of Aftermath and The Difficult Path Back To You’, and adding work to my Artfinder store.

I have found time to create one new painting, and start another. The Colours of Winter is inspired by the Apple Trees in our front garden. Staring at the last Apples on the tree in our front garden, I was struck by the way they glowed against the grey light of December. Inspired by the colours of dead dry foliage, leaves and stalks, the warmth at odds with the cold heaviness of the sky, not dead but dormant. Painted in acrylics on deep canvas, I greatly enjoyed developing the textural feel to the foreground, and generating a colour for the apples that would shine out against the sky. I love this season, there is so much going on as the Earth renews itself for the spring to come.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you too can grab those moments of joy and hope in an increasingly alarming world.

John 🙂

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