To the boats in the morning
To the boats in the morning

The Scottish east coast fishing industry was very much a family affair. The men did the fishing, but it was women who managed all the onshore work. From 4am they would be up, collecting Mussels for bait. Preparing the lines for the next days fishing would take upwards of 2000 Mussels, with even a small line having between 1200-1400 hooks. Women launched the boats, and would even carry their men through the surf so that they could start the trip with dry feet (Mark I’Anson – Scotland’s East Coast Fishing Industry)

My latest work continues a series drawn from the relics of the Scottish fishing industry. The painting was particularly challenging, early morning light flattens contrast and hence depth, and I reworked the sky several times in order to arrive at a point where I could be satisfied with the work. Using my usual palette knife approach, the textures and detail that have emerged from the interplay between the various layers of paint are what had me persisting with the canvas. It’s the second piece I have completed this year, and much like Forest the progress of the painting has resulted in several possibilities for further avenues to explore in other works. Hope you like it.



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