Hi all, and greetings from my tiny back bedroom studio, where even a 50 x 50cm painting feels large, and I don’t have my full range of paints, materials or tools. Still, these are first world problems, and I am ever mindful of the fact that I have the luxury to social distance, and a garden to sit in.

As I mentioned in my last blog, I have managed to get my head mostly away from the ongoing pandemic enough to be able to paint, though it’s taking longer than I would like. Moving from exhibitions and studio visits to a completely online approach is also challenging, I am currently exploring the use of video and slide show presentations, and may well bring complete virtual exhibition experiences to this page soon. The picture above, Abandoned, is the first of my Lockdown pieces, and is a continuation of the Forest series I started earlier this year. It references an earlier work, Icons, and I will return to this theme at a later date as I explore different colour variations of the Forest series.

I hope you’re all doing as well as can be in these trying times and are able to stay safe.

2 thoughts on “From a smaller studio

  1. I really enjoy following your ‘progress’ through your paintings and commentaries, its almost as good as talking to you.I especially enjoy seeing familiar icons ‘reinvented’ .
    To have found a way of moving forwrd in your work in these challenging times is brilliant.
    I lookforward to future blogs,Take care,,, .

    1. Cheers Jenny, currently grappling with an idea for a painting inspired by the nightmare of social distancing when you suffer social anxiety anyway. Creativity never dies, though sometimes it hides in a corner and refuses to come out 🙂

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