Chessboard of the gods

Chessboard of the Gods

Journey’s end? The interface between sea and shore is treacherous, and has been many a ships’ nemesis. Beautiful. Powerful. Deadly.

4th July 1942 We’ve been hit. Twice! From the middle of the convoy! Don’t panic, got to get out. Down here there’s steam blowing off, backdraft pushing the fires out of the fireboxes. Ships creaking and shaking, listing to port and water pouring out through the engine room. Got. To. Get. Out.

Whilst the civilian Commodore was nominally in charge of the Convoy, and the Senior RN Officer in charge of the escort, Convoy operations were subject to tactical and strategic management from afar, by the Admiralty in London. The convoys themselves were the result of political agreement between Stalin and Churchill and a response to the invasion of Russia by Hitler. Here we see Churchill, Stalin, Hitler, Dudley Pound and Donitz manoeuvring their pieces as they try to affect the outcome of the eastern front campaign.

1.6M x 90cm Acrylic on Canvas unframed £600

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