Abbeydale Reimaged

Abbeydale Reimaged is the result of a 50 day residency at Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet in Sheffield. The exhibition is running from October 24th to December 31st 2016, and features 14 paintings largely created on site between April and October 2016.

The works aim to evoke a sense of the site as a working water powered saw and scythe works in the late Victorian period. In creating them I was mindful of the need for accuracy of depiction, this is after all a heritage site. Many of the paintings also have a strong figurative element, a new development for me.

I found the residency incredibly rewarding, and would like to thank the staff &  volunteers at Sheffield Industrial Museums Trust, and members of the visiting public, for the support and enthusiasm with which I was received. I hope you all enjoy viewing the work as much as I did creating it.