As I mentioned in my last blog, I am working on a major new project, and I'm glad to now be able to announce it. The project has the working title (and hashtag) KurbArt, and brings street art and gallery art together by presenting public art pieces in a gallery style, separately hung to a … Continue reading KurbArt

I’m showing in London

It seems longer than a fortnight since we came back from Scotland, but that may be because I've been so very busy. Over the last two weeks I have started work on another huge painting, negotiated and completed a commission piece, and finished of a medium sized piece about the bombing of Syria, called Widescreen: … Continue reading I’m showing in London

My practice – part 2

Following on from my last blog, today I am showing the stages from mid-point to completion of The torn wallpaper of childhood. My general practice is to take a breather when I have the rough composition and perspective mapped out, in order to think about details and colour. I usually do this by photographing the … Continue reading My practice – part 2

And a new year begins….

Well, it's been a long winter, and it's only halfway through. Most of it has been spent recovering from the cancer treatment, and I'm glad to say that I'm well on the way, though still very low in energy, and currently fairly floored by a cold of all things (generally shrug these off, but c'est … Continue reading And a new year begins….

Small horizons

It's been a good week, managed to get to the studio on Tuesday and Thursday, and my daughter popping over on Wednesday was definitely a boost 🙂  The effect of the chemo treatment I'm undergoing means that visits to the studio are all too brief and infrequent, which is a shame, as I'm really excited by the … Continue reading Small horizons

Looking for work in Never-Neverland

You hear a lot about unemployment these days, or more accurately, you hear a lot about the unemployed. Much political capital is being made by all of the major UK political parties about curtailing the luxurious lifestyles of that vast group of adults who are un or under-employed. A long running campaign has exhorted the … Continue reading Looking for work in Never-Neverland

Exhibitions end, and a new venture

And so another exhibition is over, and I turn again to the future, to more painting, another Open Studio event, and my next exhibition. The Northwich iteration of 'We are not in the least afraid of ruins' was, I feel, a success, despite the lack of sales, and relatively small number of visitors to the … Continue reading Exhibitions end, and a new venture