Politics and Art

One result of the video we produced for Fighting For Crumbs (our recent joint show - with John Ledger, Corinne Deakin, Connor Matheson, Rebekah Whitlam, Jonathan Butcher) is that we were invited to participate in the World Transformed - the festival of Politics, Art & Culture that provided the fringe for the Labour Party conference in … Continue reading Politics and Art


We've been in the highlands of Scotland for a fortnight now. A late holiday timed to give us a feel for the light, people and weather up here in the off-season, as we consider moving here permanently some time in the next three years. The ever changing light and much varied cloud cover through the … Continue reading Wave

A busy summer

I view the end of an exhibition with mixed feelings. Exhibiting is part of my practice, it is sometimes stressful to arrange, but the experience can be almost drug-like in its addictive qualities. I love seeing my work in the gallery space, so different to seeing it hung on my studio walls. I love it … Continue reading A busy summer

My practice – part 2

Following on from my last blog, today I am showing the stages from mid-point to completion of The torn wallpaper of childhood. My general practice is to take a breather when I have the rough composition and perspective mapped out, in order to think about details and colour. I usually do this by photographing the … Continue reading My practice – part 2

Meaning and intent.

Last years OpenUp (Open Studios event) and a mother and child (about 8year old) came into the studio. The child was curious, asked lots of questions about various pieces, and finally turned to the one above. What's that about?, she asked, and so I explained that it was about the 52 workers who died, and … Continue reading Meaning and intent.

Empty studio, full gallery, and a successful exhibition in so many ways.

Well, the opening evening of 'We are not in the least afraid of ruins' is over, and seemed to go nicely, and big thanks to anyone reading this who attended.  It was a good evening, many visitors that I've not seen before and some good feedback. I'm now into the second week of the exhibition, … Continue reading Empty studio, full gallery, and a successful exhibition in so many ways.

Thoughts on OpenUp Sheffield

This bank holiday weekend has seen KIAC, the arts collective that I studio with, taking part in the OpenUp Sheffield event. This is 5 days over two weekends where Sheffield artists give open access to their studios to the public. At KIAC we have 16 artists happy to take part in OpenUp, and have a … Continue reading Thoughts on OpenUp Sheffield