New Series

  The Abbeydale Exhibition is up until December 31st, I have 5 paintings in a show in Rotherham, and an affordable art fair and exhibition to curate at the end of November, and a commission. What better time to start work on a new series 🙂 Unloading - Murmansk is the first in a group … Continue reading New Series

Fighting For Crumbs

Another project I have been involved in is coming to fruition. Fighting For Crumbs (Art in the shadow of neo-liberal Britain) is a group exhibition featuring video, installation, 3D wall art, crafted art, paintings, photography, poetry and performance. The main exhibition is taking place in Sheffield, and ties in to an exhibition of John Ledgers … Continue reading Fighting For Crumbs

Italy, ruins, and a new gallery page

Just back from Rome, visiting a friend for her birthday - had a great time warm in October in the mountains to the South of the city, and also got the opportunity to indulge my fascination with ruins and decay. I avoided the forum/capitol hill area in favour of a visit to Ostia, the old … Continue reading Italy, ruins, and a new gallery page

It’s not just painting

It's been a another busy week or two, and whilst my creative output has been high, actual paintings completed has been zero. C'est la vie and the long term results will hopefully prove to be worth the effort.Being a self-representing and fairly unknown artist ultimately puts me in the position of any other business, without … Continue reading It’s not just painting