2 days out of Hvalfjord, weather and visibility worsening. The SS Navarino highlighted by the evening light, struggling against the rising seas. An eerie beauty hides the cold, spray freezing to razor shards of ice, driven by the relentless wind. Another development piece for my next show, getting close now (7 weeks to go 🙂 ) and I'm … Continue reading Prelude


Development work on my forthcoming exhibition themed on the Arctic Convoys of 1941-1945 continues. Alpha hints at the threat from German surface raiders to the convoys and references the Tirpitz, who's short sortie on July 3rd 1942 was enough to cause the admiralty to order the convoy to scatter and the escort to turn back. … Continue reading Alpha

Abbeydale Reimaged

My next exhibition, and my first solo show since May 2014, goes up on the 24th October. Featuring 14 paintings done on site over my 50 day residency at Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet in Sheffield, the show is the culmination of what has been one of the most interesting periods of my artistic career. The aim … Continue reading Abbeydale Reimaged

Politics and Art

One result of the video we produced for Fighting For Crumbs (our recent joint show - with John Ledger, Corinne Deakin, Connor Matheson, Rebekah Whitlam, Jonathan Butcher) is that we were invited to participate in the World Transformed - the festival of Politics, Art & Culture that provided the fringe for the Labour Party conference in … Continue reading Politics and Art

More from the Hamlet

Carved From Stone Some more works from my residency at Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet. These days the site is grass covered, has stone slab paths and safety rails, and only the foundations of the old boiler and its shed remain. In 'Carved From Stone' I have tried to depict the site as it looked in its … Continue reading More from the Hamlet

Fighting For Crumbs As part of our recent exhibition, we made a video. It's always unerving seeing - or more accurately hearing - yourself as others do, but nonetheless really pleased with the result, it encapsulates the underlying theme of the show very effectively. Hope you can find the time to watch 🙂