Can’t outrun the storm

Can't outrun the storm My latest, and the 4th painting I've completed since lockdown started. I have now moved back to working from my studio, and am slowly bringing together a collection of new works for my next show. All things being equal, this should be in October, and will as usual be in Gage … Continue reading Can’t outrun the storm

On this day…..

  Today, let us remember with humility that we are celebrating the defeat not of a nation, but of the ascendancy of an idea. Let us be shamed that we had to fight this war, that we allowed the rise of an ideology based on hatred, based on the idea that not all humans are … Continue reading On this day…..

From a smaller studio

Hi all, and greetings from my tiny back bedroom studio, where even a 50 x 50cm painting feels large, and I don't have my full range of paints, materials or tools. Still, these are first world problems, and I am ever mindful of the fact that I have the luxury to social distance, and a … Continue reading From a smaller studio

In the quiet of the day

In the quiet of the day And so we enter our second week of social distancing and occasional walks for shopping or exercise. Hope its been ok for you, for me it's been strange. Watching awareness sinking in has been interesting. Our first walk around the area told us that people were struggling with the … Continue reading In the quiet of the day