Politics and Art

One result of the video we produced for Fighting For Crumbs (our recent joint show - with John Ledger, Corinne Deakin, Connor Matheson, Rebekah Whitlam, Jonathan Butcher) is that we were invited to participate in the World Transformed - the festival of Politics, Art & Culture that provided the fringe for the Labour Party conference in … Continue reading Politics and Art

Fighting For Crumbs

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VL6WiFwXJBA As part of our recent exhibition, we made a video. It's always unerving seeing - or more accurately hearing - yourself as others do, but nonetheless really pleased with the result, it encapsulates the underlying theme of the show very effectively. Hope you can find the time to watch 🙂    

Fighting For Crumbs

Another project I have been involved in is coming to fruition. Fighting For Crumbs (Art in the shadow of neo-liberal Britain) is a group exhibition featuring video, installation, 3D wall art, crafted art, paintings, photography, poetry and performance. The main exhibition is taking place in Sheffield, and ties in to an exhibition of John Ledgers … Continue reading Fighting For Crumbs

A poem and a painting

Last year I had a joint show with a friend, Paul Dearden. The exhibition, Elements of Place, featured an evening of music performance and poetry, and the poet involved, Liz Ferrets, recently sent me this piece in response to the exhibition. The poem is typical of Liz's work - simple, powerful, and beautifully crafted - … Continue reading A poem and a painting

I’m showing in London

It seems longer than a fortnight since we came back from Scotland, but that may be because I've been so very busy. Over the last two weeks I have started work on another huge painting, negotiated and completed a commission piece, and finished of a medium sized piece about the bombing of Syria, called Widescreen: … Continue reading I’m showing in London

A busy summer

I view the end of an exhibition with mixed feelings. Exhibiting is part of my practice, it is sometimes stressful to arrange, but the experience can be almost drug-like in its addictive qualities. I love seeing my work in the gallery space, so different to seeing it hung on my studio walls. I love it … Continue reading A busy summer