Fighting For Crumbs As part of our recent exhibition, we made a video. It's always unerving seeing - or more accurately hearing - yourself as others do, but nonetheless really pleased with the result, it encapsulates the underlying theme of the show very effectively. Hope you can find the time to watch 🙂    

Fighting For Crumbs

Another project I have been involved in is coming to fruition. Fighting For Crumbs (Art in the shadow of neo-liberal Britain) is a group exhibition featuring video, installation, 3D wall art, crafted art, paintings, photography, poetry and performance. The main exhibition is taking place in Sheffield, and ties in to an exhibition of John Ledgers … Continue reading Fighting For Crumbs

…ou la mort.

As mentioned in my last post, the triptych which I have been working on for the last two years is finally complete. Of course, I am aware that technically it is not a triptych, as the paintings are individual and unattached. However, I feel justified in using the description as the meaning of the three … Continue reading …ou la mort.

Looking for work in Never-Neverland

You hear a lot about unemployment these days, or more accurately, you hear a lot about the unemployed. Much political capital is being made by all of the major UK political parties about curtailing the luxurious lifestyles of that vast group of adults who are un or under-employed. A long running campaign has exhorted the … Continue reading Looking for work in Never-Neverland