The road we walked before

The world I grew up in was very different. Pre Reagan and Thatcher, shocked by the extremities of the 1939-45 conflict, and still remembering prewar economic depression, it seemed there was a consensus about the social duty of the State. Working, health and housing conditions were on the rise, as was disposable income. It was … Continue reading The road we walked before


As I mentioned in my last blog, I am working on a major new project, and I'm glad to now be able to announce it. The project has the working title (and hashtag) KurbArt, and brings street art and gallery art together by presenting public art pieces in a gallery style, separately hung to a … Continue reading KurbArt

Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet

  As I mentioned in my last blog, I'm currently doing a residency project. This is at Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet in Sheffield, a working industrial museum that was donated to the city in 1935, and opened as a museum in 1970. I am there 2 to 3 times a week for most weeks until October … Continue reading Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet

A whole lot going on

Wow, it's been a busy 7 weeks since I last posted. Started or completed a group of new paintings - Development Opportunity is the first in a series I'll be doing exploring the loss of social housing in the UK. I've introduced a couple of new techniques into this one, and am rather happy with … Continue reading A whole lot going on

It’s grim up North

A couple of years ago a good friend and fellow artist, Paul Dearden, invited me to exhibit in Rotherham In a joint show - Alluvium - of local artists. The exhibition is a good example of the type of cultural event that occurs outside of London, and of the 'can do' attitude that I have … Continue reading It’s grim up North

Fuel for Growth

Hi all.   It's been a while since I wrote, been very hectic recently. My show with Paul Dearden went well, the work was well recieved and I sold 4 paintings, which is always welcome 🙂 I've been very productive recently, as I work towards my next show, Voices From The Wilderness. This is a … Continue reading Fuel for Growth

Collateral Damage

The closure of Hatfield Colliery two weeks ago, and that of Thoresby Colliery on the 10th July leaves one deep pit open in the UK, Kenningley, which is due to close by the end of the year. The arguments for and against coal as a source of energy are complex, but whatever its future, in … Continue reading Collateral Damage